Why should you go for SIM only deals?

There might be complete handset and SIM deals and those that come as SIM only deals. The SIM only deals come with several benefits and that is what makes them so popular.


This is the first aspect that makes the SIM only deals like the BT SIM only deals so attractive. Instead of having to spend for the complete handset you can just buy the SIM in case you already have a great phone and don’t wish to change it. Sometimes it might so happen that your favorite handset might be available at a good deal but the SIM plans that come along with it doesn’t suit you. In that case, the SIM only deals might be less expensive options for you.


Not everyone uses the same amount of data and calls and messages. So what if your handset and SIM deal comes with attractive packages that balance the call, data, and SMS usage? What if you are someone who doesn’t use data at all? In this case, you might need a custom crafted package that offers you the type of benefits that really prove useful for you. This would ensure that you spend less on the whole and strike a more economic deal. Also with SIM only deals, you can choose a contract of any length as per your convenience.

Support various handsets:

Sometimes, it might so happen that you have bought a handset along with the SIM. If you have exhausted the benefits in the scheme offered in the handset and SIM deal, you might need a quick replacement in case you don’t like the current benefits that are offered. Or, if you are perhaps waiting for your favorite handset to be available in the market and thus looking for some temporary option, then again a SIM only deal helps.