What's Next Here? PHP, Delphi and More...

February 17, 2013

First, I know that it’s been a long time since I wrote anything here. I’ve been busy to get some kind of degree in programming and acquire a new job recently. So I went from a passionate developer to a paid passionate developer! I hope this will give me some new ideas to write on. Ideas about programming stuffs.

I’ve already wrote about PHP, maybe not much, but it’s a nice language, I’ll might try to write some more about PHP. I even try to write about unit tests with PHP. I like unit tests and some might remember about the Python series about tests. I already played with PHPUnit, but it’s about atoum, a nice and sexy PHP unit tests framework that I’ll probably write about.

I’ll certainly write about Delphi, this might be surprising as it’s not specially the kind of language that I use to, but I really looking forward about it, as I’m taking the learning of this new language as a challenge. The Delphi’s community isn’t really large, so it could be fun to write about it from a newbie point of view. I really can’t wait to learn that new language! I know that Delphi isn’t quite the most popular, or even the sexiest language, and it could scare the few readers that this blog have left.

I really miss the time I use to write every week in this blog and I really hope I can change this. Maybe the choice to write only in english cause me to slow down the publication, or maybe just the willing.

See you soon for some more technical stuff!


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