Various Approaches Towards PdM

In an industry, if one counts for the whole year around, there are several hours of working time that are wasted owing to the breakdown of equipment. This invariably becomes the cause of loss of money, wastage of manpower and other resources not to mention the expenses incurred in repairing.

In order to avoid such situations and minimize the wastage of working hours, predictive maintenance is the simplest and best solution. It is a cost effective and most efficient method of reducing breakdown related downtime.

Predictive maintenance evaluates the condition of equipment and diagnoses when and how much of repair and maintenance do the respective equipment require.

How does Predictive Maintenance work?

In order to evaluate the condition of equipment and when it would require attention there are various predictive maintenance methods that are adopted. Lets us consider some of them:

  • Assessment of Power Systems: this is carried out by electrical engineers who carry out a visual assessment of the power distribution. Any defects and potential hazards are identified and worked upon.
  • Inspection via Infrared or Thermographic method: This approach uses specialized cameras to detect faults that may not be noticeable otherwise. They help in detecting the exact spot which can potentially cause a breakdown.
  • Continuous Online Monitoring: This method overtakes where the infrared method cannot. It involves a 24/7 monitoring of all important connection points. This monitoring can detect an abnormality at all given point of time.
  • Analysis using Insulating Fluids: This method uses the various properties of oil to check for any breakdown in the oil paper insulating system. There are some tests which are usually conducted, like the content of moisture, acid level, dielectric strength, analysis of dissolved gasses and much more.
  • Analysis of a circuit monitor: This system records all the variations in current, power, and voltage. And when the changes are beyond the normal variations, it notifies and attention can be paid.

There are various other methods which are followed depending upon the kind of machinery and equipment involved. But predictive maintenance is by far the most efficient method for maximum efficiency.