Tyrs 0.6.0, ncurses Twitter client, first release with Urwid

December 1, 2011

Tyrs is a Twitter and Identi.ca client based on ncurses. This major release is the first one using the urwid library. It will improve greatly the user interface.

In many way the interaction with user is improve, and in many details. This release still in early stage of development of the urwid interface, this mean it’s usable, but some functionalities aren’t yet implements, and will be done soon. I always follow the release early, release often plan, and even everything isn’t ready yet, I believe the improvement worth a release.

Some stuff that need to be done in further releases:

If you are using Arch Linux, the installation through the AUR package is easy:

yaourt -S tyrs
# Or the latest git revision
yaourt -S tyrs-git

You may find the latest code in the github repository, and find tarballs in the pypi page of the project.

I hope you’ll enjoy it. As usually, any feedback is much appreciated.


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