Turses, a fork from Tyrs, ncurses Twitter client

April 15, 2012

For background reminder, I started last year a ncurses twitter client called Tyrs, as it was almost the only ncurses client, some persons used it. Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post announcing that haven’t enought time and motivation anymore to carry on Tyrs. I was a bit frustrated, as I knew Tyrs had some bugs left, due to the late migration to the Urwid module (awesome python ncurses module by the way), and I knew that some persons was still using it.

The good news is, Tyrs has been forked! A warm welcome to Turses!

You might have some questions. What’s going on? A fork isn’t a big deal if nothing happen behind? Any new stuffs?

A short answer could be that I’m kind of exited about the fork. But here some more details about it.

The fork has been initiated by Alejandro G√≥mez a few months ago after writing some patchs for Tyrs. Starting from Tyrs, he wasn’t afraid to moves codes around, rearrange stuffs, doing some refactoring, even add some new functionalities. I must say he’s done some good and cleaver work. So it’s obvious that Turses isn’t a fork just to add a patch, but there is a lot going on, and for the best! It might sound like a programmer side view about it, but I’m confident about Turses future, and that’s what’s important for users.

About new features, I really like the new dynamic buffer managment, meaning that you now can add or remove buffers on the fly. For example you can add a buffer of some keyword research or from a user timeline, a bit like you add or remove a channel from an IRC client. That’s sweet! Another feature is the possibility to display two buffer at once. Let say for example, home and mentions timeline. I have to say that I haven’t try yet, but It looks cool!

Here the traditional screenshot, taken from the github page.


So, I’m quite happy about Turses, I really hope Alejandro will enjoy writing it, as I enjoyed writing Tyrs. If you’re using Tyrs, or even if you don’t, you really should give Turses a shot. And don’t be affraid to [reports bugs][5] or even participate, as Turses is naturaly under licence GPLv3!

I hope the best for Turses.


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