Top Reasons Why Youtube Is TheNew Children’s TV

YouTube is popular among kids andadults alike andithas changedthe old ways of just relying on the content that was shown on TV.The shows on TVarealso uploaded on YouTubewhich givesyou the flexibility to watch what you and when you want to watch it.

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There are lots of content on YouTube that fascinates kids. These offer leaning and entertainment at the same time. In fact, you get content of almost all genre on YouTube. Children today thus watch less of the traditional TV and keep themselves engaged more on YouTube.

Children can watch what they want on YouTube. While this is great to give the options and choose from what they like to watch the most, it is the parent’s duty to monitor what the child is learning on YouTube. YouTube has content that lets the child learn the school subject but it also has an adult content that the child should not watch. So as parents it is important that you monitor what the child watches on YouTube.

There are also many channels on YouTube that aims to target kids. These could be inappropriate for kids to view. On the other hand, there are great videos for kids to watch and get entertained. So it is just about being little cautious about what the child watches on YouTube.

YouTube is like any other source of media and you never know what may end up influencing your child. Consider only the channels that are suitable for your child to watch. Research a bit on the content and only then let your child watch the content.

YouTube has replaced the traditional ways of watching TV because one is not forced to watch the content that is being broadcast on tv. One has complete liberty to choose what he wishes to watch. Therefore, even though there are many pros of YouTube it also comes with its share of dangers.