The missing newsletter of Arch Linux

December 2, 2011

Most of Linux distributions comes with newsletters, a short summary of what happen around distributions and the community himself. Interestingly enough, Arch Linux doesn’t have anymore one, as far as I know. It wasn’t always like this, here a quick review of what was done so far.

y apologies if any informations was inaccurate.

The newsletter

Feb 2004 - Jul 2009

As the Arch community is growing, some of you may never heard about this old newsletter, start with weekly issue, quickly became a twice a month release, finished as a monthly issue. The information provide was good, but as I became an Arch user around this time, I haven’t the opportunity to read lots of them. For information, you still can read old archives on this link.

Arch Linux Newsletters Archives

I’m certainly not the only one, but I miss this newsletter.

Arch User Magazine

Apr 2009 - Jun 2009

Unofficial project initiate by Ghost1227, in a paper magazine style, old issues can be grab in the same link as the Newsletters Archives. We can still read the bbs thread for the first released issue. Three issues was made, and it will be merge with the official newsletter, as the author doesn’t have the time to carry on the project as he wanted.

Arch Linux Magazine

Aug 2009 - Mar 2010

The official newsletter, by Kensai, and the Arch User Magazine, by Ghost1227, will join their force together to provide a magazine available in both format html (newsletter format) and pdf (scribus/magazine format). Here is the bbs thread for nostalgic, about the first released announce by Kensai. I proudly translate issues with others French contributors in my language back this time. Unfortunately, a lack of contribution, and certainly of time as well, ended the magazine after 4 releases. But meanwhile, Kensai left for personal reasons.

Rolling Release

Sep 2010 - May 2011 (Until now?)

Rolling Release is an official website that aimed to succeed the Arch Linux agazine, as it’s an e-zine, no need to have a regular issue, or even spend time with scribus to make a nice looking pdf. Here the forum announce of the official launch of the site. Technically, the website look nice, allows comments. Even someone, jdarnold, started for few weeks a weekly issue on this site. The website has nice posts for a while, but hasn’t published anything since May 2011, without any official reason that I’m aware of, other than the lack of time I guess.

The missing newsletter

All this news was great informations, I’m very thankful for all the time that contributors spends on this, on their own time. But what’s now? I know what you think, “you want one? Do It Yourself!”, it’s absolutely true if I was following Arch Linux actuality enough, and a more fluent English.

What I do know is that this kind of initiatives often come from one man, no more, after all, Arch Linux came from a one man project as well. So, maybe if you are close to the community, following forum or mailing list, you might consider start some kind of newsletter. It doesn’t need to be great, long, with lots informations. Few links in a paper, with a short description, a couple of tricks or applications taken from the forum, it’s all it need to start something, I’m sure the community would be thankful for this, well I’ll be thankful for sure.


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