Small project's life depends on his owner

February 19, 2012

Last year, I wrote a small program, a twitter’s client with a ncurses interface, called Tyrs. It’s a small project, but used by some persons and have some activities with bugs reports and pull requests. The problem is I’m getting bored of the project, moved on to other personal stuffs and learning, and time isn’t extensible. I learned from it and really enjoyed the time spend.

I don’t believe in Christmas, I know if I don’t really maintain the program anymore, it will be abandoned, some dependencies releases would mess up the program or I don’t know. This is probably a very usual problem, the owner stops maintain the program for some reason, and nobody will carry on the project.

When I’m saying “small project”, I haven’t defined what a small project is, but in fact, I’m sure the problem occur for much more projects that I would think, even some quite interesting and known project.

I would love some kind of website where I could subscribe my project, to find a new owner for the project. I don’t know if a website like that exists, or even if people would be interested for, but I know that it’s always interesting to read through other code, it would be a good and useful way to progress.

A short write-up, because there isn’t so much to say about it. Of course, I have no regret for endless night spend on this project, I just hope it won’t end like thousands of other projects, unmaintained.


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