Shaarli, a self hosted bookmark service

August 15, 2012

I used to manage my notes with TiddlyWiki, which is absolutely nice, but with time it became more and more a link manager. So I tried to find something that fit my need, something that I could host on my server.

I came up with Shaarli, meaning share link. I’m using it for a month now, and it does what I need. The website gives a long list of features, but I wanted something simple to use, that exactly how Shaarliworks, simply! The most surprising stuff is the storage system, a plain text file, there isn’t any database, I wouldn’t mind to setup some databases for this, but it has the advantage to be simpler to install. The performance doesn’t seem to be affected, the developer use a 11730 links instance for his own needs, and still growing. Even with ten thousand links, the application seems to be fluid and fast enough.

Shaarly screenshot

Shaarli manages private and public links, I thought that keep most of my links public could be interesting, as it’s mostly about programming stuffs, it could interest people. So here my instance of Shaarly.

Last detail, it’s a share link bookmark that you can add in your favorite bar, which is some JavaScript code that pop you up a window, with metadata already added. So add a link is fast enough, and that’s important to keep using an application like this.

To conclude, Shaarly does nicely what I want, even if I haven’t look for lots of alternative, I’m satisfied with it. It’s simple to use, KISS, and written in PHP, by a French guy. Shaarly absolutely worth a try.


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