Several colored string with Urwid

November 23, 2011

OK, this one is an easy and quick stuff, that I’m almost ashame to share. But the thing is, I search for it, and I wasn’t even sure where to look at it. The reason I put it here is because I trying to put together some trick about urwid, stuff I spend some time to looking for, even if it isn’t so much time. If someone need it, he should find it easily here.

The idea is to highlight some worlds in a string. The answer was right in the front of me from the start! As it was shown in the, the very first script in the official tutorial.

palette = [
    ('main', 'dark blue', ''),
    ('hl', 'dark red', '')

txt = urwid.AttrWrap(urwid.Text([ "Some random text, with an ", ('hl', "IMPORTANT "), "word. Other boring stuff." ]), 'main')

This short example, witch is only a part of a code of course, shows a string with the main color, with the IMPORTANT word colored with the hl attribute. It only a list, with a tuple for different colors, color attribute first.

As I said, it isn’t a very exalting post, just a quick trick.


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