PhotoShow, Web gallery without SQL

December 4, 2011

When it comes to web gallery, I usually choose Piwigo, a safe choice for a stable PHP gallery.

Last week, I heard about a new project, called PhotoShow, a nice looking web gallery. A demo website is available. Here a quick functionalities review.

First, I have to warn you that PhotoShow still on a early stage of his developpment. It seems stable enough, the project should improve quickly in a near future, with probably some new features. So perhaps it isn’t ready for production, but should be fine for a personal use.

Installation and configuration are straight forward, the easiest is use git clone, it would be simple to keep the gallery update with upstream by doing a git pull. You need to edit the conf.ini file, to set both photos and generated photos pathname. Once it done, you only need to answer the form to set your name/password account, and you’re done.o

git clone

Some would appreciate the drag n' drop system, I personally liked the disposition of thumbnails, compact as google galleries, managed well different size to find the optimal display, allow you to quickly see every photos of an album.

I will keep an eye on this project for sure.

At last, the code can be found on github, under the GNU GPLv3.


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