Manage automatically two dictionaries with Firefox

December 3, 2011

When your native language isn’t English, and when, like me, you spend time writing around the Internet, between comments from some news sites, blog posts and programming question-answer site, you have to deal with at least two languages, English, and whatever language you use at home. Unfortunately, I have trouble with grammar and spelling^1. I probably have done what everyone else with bad spelling would do in this case, add to Firefox a spell checker. It does what I want, but as I write across websites, I need to switch the spell checker from French to English, certainly more often that I even notice.

Switching of dictionaries is annoying, but not enough to really do something about it. When you’re switching it, you think that perhaps you should try to google about it if there is any kind of shortcut or whatever would do the trick and save you some time, but you forget as soon as you switched the dictionary, and your mind focus on the answer/comment you’re writing. Same thing for asking to some geek friends, quickly forgotten to ask, every time.

So I’d carry this problem who isn’t really one, and by chance, I found the perfect solution for what I’m asking for. It could be obvious to some persons, but after all, I’m not switching of dictionary for that long time ago. The answer I found is no more that a Firefox plugin, called dictionary switcher. This plugin recognize automatically the language you are taping of, and adapt the dictionary in function of it, few more options on it to do more precisely what you want. With a name link that, I could find it earlier, but the thing is I didn’t toke time to look for.

Short blog post, for a quick trick, maybe it could be useful to someone else.


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