How long do home STD tests take?

It is not easy to get tested for STD with your general practitioner. It might sound simple, but involves a lot of procedures and the patient is also not sure about how confidential these tests are. This is one reason that they prefer taking these tests at home. It could also be quite lengthy and all the hassles of standing in the queue waiting for your turn could be intimidating to some. They prefer home testing laboratories which have made it possible to take all the tests from home itself.

Home test laboratories have their test results disclosed in 2 to 3 days. The email notifications inform whether your test reports have been generated. These home STD tests take a minimum time to deliver their results. There are several organizations which offer a home test for STD like otc std testing and they also keep all the tests and results discreet and confidential. The reports after their generation could be deleted immediately from the database if requested. This is the level of confidentiality that these private labs offer.

The rates of home STD tests are quite variable when compared to the other services, these are quite affordable. There is no hassle of visiting different centers for various tests, when you avail home services; they collect all the samples that they need for the test from your home. They conduct all the tests after collecting the sample. You can also choose the anonymous testing where your reports will not be generated with your name giving you a privacy that you will like. This ensures that at no point your identity is revealed if you do not wish to. Taking this STD tests by itself could be stressful and this privacy helps you maintain the peace of your mind.