How To Safely And Effectively Use The Grindr App in 2018

As much as the world has progressed, it is still difficult for a gay person to come out to their family and live openly with their sexual preferences. They still face a lot of stigmas and the main reason they choose to remain discreet about their sexuality is the fact that it is difficult to find acceptance among everyone.

Dating When Gay

One of the things that revolutionized dating in the Gay community was the introduction of the Grindr app. This app helped gay people meet and interact with as well as develop romantic relationships with other gay men. It also ensured that the men in question were able to date without worrying that they were pursuing the wrong person.

Top tips

There are many ways to use this tool safely, let’s look at a few ways to protect yourself from predators on Grindr.

  • Asking is your best bet – Remember you are going to hook up with a total stranger, so, there is no need to rush. It is your personal safety that is at stake, so ask whatever you want, and take your time. If the person is genuinely interested, they will respond and make sure you feel safe, and vice versa too.
  • Sending nudes is not mandatory – Grindr is a hookup app, it’s not meant for you to find your life partner. Sexting is a part of the whole process if you will. That being said, if you can’t bring yourself to do it, doesn’t.
  • Where do you meet – it is imperative that dating on Grindr is done safely. This also means choosing a safe space to meet. Make sure you have taken the precautions you need to and don’t hesitate to put a stop to the proceedings if you think you could be in danger.
  • Keep your expectations in order – not everyone is going to turn out to be a dream hookup! Lighting and photo filters can change appearances and people are very different in real life than they are online. You could also not be meeting expectations, so, it is your call on how you want things to go. For more, check out