How I Got Started With Car Tech

Mechanics was never my cup of tea:

I was the sporty kind and I was perhaps one of the most adventurous in the family but there was nothing in this world that could get me into the working of anything. I would happily ride a sports utility heavy vehicle without even knowing the nitty gritty of repair or troubleshooting in cases when it could prove life-saving to even know the most basic of tricks.

So, when did I actually learn the technical bit?

It was during the training of my first grand prix in the sub-junior category that I had to compulsorily do a course on the working of the cars. And I realized that even though a car is a car is a car, after all, there are a lot of differences across the segments and even between the brands. This course clearly gave me great insight into the working of the car and it helped me appreciate the fact that one must never ever take m for granted the ability to learn to drive and to know the working of this powerful machine. A small error here or there can even prove fatal and a little bit of knowledge here and there can prove life-saving.

This is exactly what my experience is all about:

Last year, my kid sister set out from her house to mine in her car with her twin toddlers who were strapped on to the back seat in their car seats. My sister’s house is a few miles away. She noticed that the brake shoes made some weird noise but because she was hassled and with the kids, she didn’t pay close attention. A few meters away, my sister’s car broken down and I sent her here to this service station that I knew was around there. The problem was that she was far away from both our houses and managing two kids in a broken down car all by herself was difficult.

She managed somehow to get in touch with the guy over there. That was the day probably she realizes as well the importance of knowing the technical bit about cars. It is not enough to drive only because if you do not know the car parts, it sure can drive you nuts!