Not so long ago, a TV was meant to watch the fixed shows that aired according to the schedule of each channel. And a mobile phone was a small screen that gave you the liberty to choose what you want to watch. Bit with the improvement in technology, we now have an ideal combination that gives us the best of both the worlds.

With the advent of Android TV boxes, you can now make your dream of using your TV as per your wishes a reality. Now sitting on the couch does not only mean watching conventional shows. The Android TV Box is a small convenient box which when attached to your TV makes your regular TV into a Smart TV.

You can now use the TV connected with the Android Box TV, to surf the internet, make use of various apps, you can also now stream videos directly to your TV. The magic of these small boxes is that they can convert any regular TV into a smart one.

We all know that when you wish to watch a movie, you usually will surf the Netflix app on your mobile phone and watch it on the small screen. But with an Android Box TV you can actually stream the movies from Netflix straight to your TV. All you need along with this small wonder box is internet connection using Wi-Fi or Ethernet and you are good to go.

Which are the popular Android TV Boxes?

When you look around there are numerous options available. But many of them have older versions of android; in fact some of them are as good as obsolete as well. But among them all, you can consider a competent one like the MXQ Pro.

The MXQ pro is a smart streaming media player that is equipped with Android 5.1 Lollipop Operating System. It has also been powered by Quad Core Amlogic S905 Cortex A53. What’s more? It also includes Penta-Core GPU which reaches a high speed and is one of your best bets.