How to feel when paying online with your credit card?

95% people on an imaginary survey would answer ‘Apprehensive’ to the question ‘How do you feel when paying online with your credit card’, and ‘Secured’ should be the answer to ‘How to feel when paying online with your credit card’. The bridge between the two answers can be filled by following a few tips. When money is involved, risk keeps lingering. However, we can reduce the risk factor to minimal.

  • Never send your credit card details on a message or on social media walls.
  • Never fall prey to someone asking for credit card details over phone, calling themselves Bank reps. No bank asks for your details like date of birth or Social Security no.

Always log out completely of a browsing session after doing a financial transaction.

  • Never allow your browser to save your bank passwords or credit card details.
  • Use a browser, that is fast but secure; I organize my accounts online using this, and it never fails me.
  • When using your smart phone for an online financial transaction, ensure that the retailer app is using a secure connection to transmit your personal information.
  • Keep your PC or Smart phone up-to-date; outdated software is easy to crack.
  • Use a payment method that has buyer protection. Mastercard uses a SecureCode, which is another added layer of security. This code is used for making online transactions and is not known to the retailer. Visa Cards too use a second layer of security in form of a message or a password when you are about to make an online payment.
  • Shop on secure sites only; trust the sites with an extra ‘s’ after ‘Http’ only. Secured sites offer safe shopping.

Information and finance thefts can happen anywhere, not just online. Therefore, be vigilant while using money anywhere.