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January 2, 2012

Since I started blogging, this is the biggest change I’ve done. So I felt like I own you an explanation. The main reason was to separate the English content from the French one. Well, at least, it’s what I’m telling myself, as I know I changed the blog engine for Jekyll, just because I like the way it works. I’m aware that it might sounds unreasonable to change of CMS like that, but I’m blogging for my pleasure, spending lots of time with, so it worth to change for a better system, that suite better my way about computers.

About French Content

First time I said in this blog that I wanted to write in english was in this post, it was more than 9 months ago. It took me some time to find the courage to do so, as I started only a couple of months ago.

Anyway, I moved the content to this link, I had to manage some redirections, as it isn’t a good idea to leaves 404 pages. I probably won’t use it that much now. I certainly only publish the Hacker Weekly News series, I did think about to stop it, but I like this series, helps me to classify information, and keep track of it. So I’ll should carry on the series on the French part of this site. So, if you still want follow the Hacker Weekly News series, you should add this feed on your reader.

The main site, of this post, keep the same feed as before, so no need to change anything.

About Jekyll

If you never heard about Jekyll, is a static website generator, the main idea is to generate the entire site in plain HTML, with obviously some JavaScript, but no server side language such as PHP. I never really liked hack into Wordpress, at the opposite to Jekyll, witch is much easier to get into. You just need some Ruby background. I hesitated with blogofile as it’s written in Python.

I won’t explain why Jekyll, or any static website generator, are nice to use, there is already lots of blog post around the web.

About Github Pages

I did want try this solution, Jekyll was build to works with Github pages, the idea is simply to push on the repository, and Github does the generation of the site. The problem is Github doesn’t allow any plugins. Fair enough, I can understand that they don’t want any arbitrary code to be run on them server, but it loose one of the main interest of it. No plugins, no hack, no interest, simple as that. So I’ll host myself, with some kind of rsync over ftp, seems like lftp does something like that with the mirror mode.

I would think about Github pages if I haven’t used a plugin to generate all my redirection.

I still have some stuffs and improvements to take care of.

That’s all for now, see you soon with some real blog posts!


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