How Can VR Be Used For Gaming?

Gamers rejoice!

If you a gamer and a VRnerds at that, there are lots of reasons for you to rejoice. As a concept and as an augmented reality is crossing boundaries to not only be implemented as special effects in movies and entertainment media but also in games.


I mean imagine that 3D and 4D are all passé. What we will have now is Virtual reality enabled games which will give players the real experience of being in the midst of the happening.

For instance, if you are playing a game of fighter planes trying to track down enemy forces and shoot them at sight, then by wearing the VR headset, you will feel that you are the pilot who is deputed to shoot the enemies at sight.

For the creeps, you may feel a hot blast of air on your face and a huge flame rising from the ash of the airplane that you just shot at. You may feel the airplane flying and if you look up you will see the clear blue sky. Whoa! Some experience it is going to be!!

There are applications galore for the using of VR in varied fields such education, medicine, engineering, law and entertainment. But if amusement industry sources are to be believed there is going to be an ambitious mega amusement park called the “Irish Otherworld” that is going to employ Virtual Reality in order to heighten the visitor’s experiences.

Looking out for more realistic games:

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can help create many more layers of content over real world experiences and therefore make the experience more valuable. This can ensure that the gamers not only have real life experience but can also have a view of 360 degrees. Just like the year twenty seventeen, twenty eighteen has lots to look forward to in terms of VR games. So, buckle up and stay up folks!