A Brief Insight Into The Line 6 Variax

Created and distributed by Line 6, Variax is a popular name in the field of best guitars. These types of guitars are completely different form the famous electric as well as acoustic guitars. In fact, the Variax is considered to be the prime guitar category that has the calibre to match the tones of other prominent acoustic or electric guitars. Not only this, you can also get a great banjo and a sitar tone from a Variax. This kind of guitar is presently found in the market as an electric guitar only. However, other guitar categories like acoustic guitars and modelling electric bass guitars have been present in the market since a long time.

Different models of electric guitars

It was in 2010 that the company, Line 6,launched three main types of Variax electric guitars, which replaced the previous models. These new guitars had new technology and the quality of sound produced by them was way superior. Those three Variax models are:

  • JTV59
  • JTV69
  • JTV89

All these models are produced in a US or Korean-made style. These types of guitars can be found with typical pickups along with great electronic modelling abilities. When it comes to the earlier versions of Variaxes, they offered no magnetic pickups. Two of the most popular models in this category are Standard as well as Suriken.

Variax electric and acoustic guitars

Talking of a Variax electric guitar, you must know that the bridge of this guitar is known to have a separate piezoelectric pickup for every string of it. As the strings are processed individually, it can produce much superior effects as compared to a single string. Not only this, it can easily change each string pitch to form different tunings digitally.

When it comes to Variax acoustic guitars, the company had distributed four major types of such instruments, all of which were a complete hit in the industry.

Depending on this line 6 variax review, you can surely find a great guitar depending on your need and passion for the same.