Why The Benjamin 392 Air Rifle

There are a lot of reasons as to why you need to get the Benjamin 392 air rifle.  The technology that has gone into the making of this air rifle could make many others look like a joke. You must have realized that there are quite a few types of air rifles out there when you researched about which one to buy. There are so many different features that are available; you need to have done a thorough background check before deciding which one will suit your needs. The type of hunter you are will decide which air rifle to buy.

A look at the Benjamin 392 is worth it because it could be exactly what you need for your hunt. This is the classical air rifle of all times. It is a multi-pump pneumatic air gun that has a caliber of 0.22. You are able to have better control over the power of the gun because the multi-pump gun is extremely lightweight and compact. The fact that it is recoilless has proven to be a very attractive feature especially to those who are new in the shooting area.

The barrel is also rifled. The bullet that spins because of this feature improves its accuracy and enhances the shooting range. The barrel also does not rust easily because it is anti corrosive in nature. The durability that this brass barrel brings to your gun would make you prefer this weapon over others. While the noise level of this gun, which ranges from medium to large, might make it not usable in the city area; it is a non-issue when you are in a cabin deep in the woods. The gun does not need any accessory, which is another big advantage. A special intermount can be bought as an add-on though.

This gun has proven to be highly accurate for less than fifty yards. The velocity, the power, and its accuracy is something you need to try to understand.