A studio in your pocket


You knew that your smartphone could do a lot of things. But did you know that it can also act as a portable handy studio? Making music on the smartphone is now a new trend. With the sophisticated electronic circuit in a smartphone it comes with a lot of capabilities. We also see tech enthusiasts make apps that can perfectly complement the hardware efficiency of the smartphone to achieve remarkable results. One such effect is the use of smartphones to make great music.

You can thus create your own music besides just listening to music on your phone. Accept the approach keeping your expectations realistic. Nothing beats the effects obtained by actually recording and making music in a fully-equipped studio. But for the novice this smartphone based music production goes a long way.

There are apps:

You would find several apps in the app store for making music. Do your research to pick the right one. The choice might also depend on the smartphone you own, its hardware and software compatibilities. There are many freestanding synth apps and those that can be used to link various other apps as well. Start with a basic synth app to get a hang of it.

You can add instruments:

Modern day instruments come with all the convenient interfaces for better connectivity. When it comes to recording music if you do not own a high end mic, you could even use the mic on your iPhone which is the closest alternative at hand. You can always process and fine tune your recording later, again on your smartphone. MIDI keyboards are now very popular among the musicians with their small home studios mainly because of the convenience of connecting them. And finally do not forget to back the whole session up with the right pair of headphones.